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Faculty of Design and Art at Milano Design Week (17-22 aprile 2012)
Faculty of Design and Art at Milano Design Week (17-22 aprile 2012)Faculty of Design and Art News

The Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is appearing to the public at the Milano Design Week 2012 with three layouts that recount the ideas, experiments and ambitions of its students via a selection of projects.

On the tenth anniversary of its foundation, the Faculty of Design and Art’s presence at the Salone del Mobile confirms its own capacity for growth, made possible by a teaching and research model unique in the Italy.

Vertigini, at the Fuorisalone di Ventura Lambrate, uses an evocative layout to propose a selection of thirteen projects that innovatively experiment with the use of materials such as marble, glass and wood:

Vertigini as an alteration of the sensory perceptions that occurs when we are exposed to objects of particular beauty displayed within a confined space.
The Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bolzano is renewing its participation at the Salone del Mobile, appearing for the first time at the “Fuorisalone di Ventura Lambrate”.
At the centre of the exhibition, organised and supervised by Professors Claudio Larcher, Steffen Kaz and Simone Simonelli, is the idea of “vertigo”: vertigo not in the sense of a fear of falling, but as a spinning of the head, a sensation of being able to rise to new heights. And this is the sensation that those studying for the three-year BA at the Faculty of Design and Art are trying to achieve.
The selection of thirteen projects represents a series of experiments, innovative in terms of concept and realisation, that use materials such as marble, glass and wood.
The spectacular setting, consisting of ten ladders, is an idealised representation of the wish to learn and grow on the part of the students at the Faculty in South Tyrol, as well as their desire to strive towards ever greater professional challenges and increasingly ambitious projects
The Faculty of Design and Art was the only Italian university selected for Ventura Lambrate 2012, one of the most prestigious and famous areas of the Milan Salone.

17–22 April 2012
Special evening at Lambrate, Wednesday 18 April, until 22:00
Ventura Lambrate, Via Massimiano 6

Curators: Steffen Kaz, Claudio Larcher, Simone Simonelli
Graphic design and illustration: Nicolò Cunico, Amin Al Hazwani, Egle Kirdulyte
Production setting: Carpentry workshop, Faculty of Design and Art
Graphical production: Printing workshop, Faculty of Design and Art

In vitro veritas, the show accommodated in the Danese space, offers a series of new interpretations of glasses, the result of a project completed with the assistance of Vetroricerca-Bolzano:

DANESE renews its cooperation with Libera Università of Bolzano presenting, on the occasion of Salone del Mobile, a new project - “In vitro veritas” - developed by the Faculty of Design and implemented with Vetroricerca-Bolzano, two outstanding R&D centers of Alto Adige.
The project, which has involved 22 students from Atelier Prey-Faculty of Design and Art of Bolzano, has drawn a great deal of attention to wine and its best container, namely glass.

Important wine producers, famous oenologists and other well-known wine-making experts from Vetroricerca pulled together the necessary synergetic expertise that has permitted students to deepen understanding of the subject. During project implementation, wine and its use was analyzed to provide new products capable to exalt wine quality and develop more consumption awareness.

Drinking wine is a sophisticated gesture that tells us a lot about man and his evolution through time. History wine has long since been a cultural and social tradition and so has the history of its production and consumption: techniques and materials, symbols and needs, concepts and attributes, qualities and qualifications.
The history of wine and glass involves bottles, glasses, decanters and allows us to enjoy color shades and experience perceptions, use handles, stems and shape codes and take advantage of different container functions.
From religious rituals to consumption practices and cultural identity-drinking good quality wine, luxury, slow-food culture, organic products-the concept of “wine and glass” has always favoured our keeping in touch with local and global cultures and being in tune with the world of entertainment and key social events.

DANESE will show 6 different glass design projects. Some of these are easy and practical to put away on shelves and in cabinets while others have been conceived to exalt good wine olfactory characteristics. Some others are suitable for intimate social occasions.17-22 april 2012
Via Canova 34

Piazza San Nazaro in Brolo 15

Curator: Kuno Prey

Bolzanopoli, the show held in the paper&peapole space, presents a self-publication: an original portrait of the social and cultural reality of Bolzano.

Carousel operators, confectioners, butchers, street artists, boxers, dog owners, jugglers... How many different identities live together in one city? Which cultures daily meet and intermingle in the urban space? Is it possible to give a voice to this plurality that goes beyond the stereotypes of the official and institutional representations?

A group of students from the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano has tried to answer these questions via a publishing project that offers a series of original portraits of the social and cultural reality of the city in the third millennium.

Under the guidance of Giorgio Camuffo, Riccardo Olocco, Hans Höger and Patrizia Bertolini the students have identified in the city of Bolzano certain groups of people with various criteria in common – their jobs, habits, passions, places, etc. The students have therefore observed, studied and documented these communities for some months, meeting individual members and interviewing them, trying to understand their mutual relationships and their interaction with the urban context.
Self-publishing was chosen as one of the most interesting and comprehensive tools of contemporary visual communication for giving form to the content collected and processed during the research. The students therefore took on various roles: author, curator, editor and interviewer, photographer, illustrator, graphic artist, printer and binder of books that were totally self-produced in the workshops of the Faculty of Design and Art.
A selection of the books produced is presented at this show, with a layout that is an invitation to sit and to discover, page by page, the multiplicity of stories in Bolzanopoli.

17–22 april 2012
Paper & People, via Friuli 32
Students: Giovanna Bampa, Melani De Luca, Tobia De Marco, Sarah Kockler, Anna Leoni, Elisa Mandelli, Giulio Maria Perencin, Davide Sparaco, Beatrice Tamagnin, Anna Sabine Tellenbach, Federico Triches.

Curators: Giorgio Camuffo, Riccardo Olocco

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